Food and Beverages

Feature 2

Consumers are looking for ingredients in their food with ‘wellness benefits’ and our Ashwagandha suits this need with its time tested proven health benefits. Nutrient-dense GENEVEX Ashwagandha, ideal for food and dietary supplement formulations with its superior sensory characteristics. It is a self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) ingredient, qualified by a reputed panel of toxicologists. Unlike other extracts, GENEVEX ashwagandha has a neutral taste and is not bitter. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for use in foods and beverages.
In a bitterness test, Genevex Ashwagandha was found to be the least bitter (3 times less bitter) compared to hydro-alcoholic ashwagandha extracts and crude ashwagandha powders, thus making it a star choice for food & beverage developers.