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Genevex Pharma

The GENEVEX Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is Scheduled to produce Ashwagandha based nutraceuticals products and assess the overall sustainability and economic viability of the project at the commercial level.

As we are aware of the coronavirus; it is a worldwide epidemic and we wanted to rise to the occasion by helping out mankind i.e., by providing and bringing out exposure on the herb Aswagandha. Ayurvedic herb Ashwagandha can be an effective therapeutic and preventive drug against the COVID-19 infection, collaborative research by IIT-Delhi, and Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has found. The natural compounds from Ashwagandha have the potential to be an effective novel coronavirus preventive drug, according to the research team.

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GENEVEX PHARMA is aimed at the central theme of water extraction
technology for Ashwagandha extract powder production. This modular
research and pilot facility will at any given time be able to co-produce
Ashwagandha based nutraceuticals products and assess the overall
sustainability and economic viability of the project at the commercial level.
The first concept that will be implemented at the proposed facility will
be for food/nutraceuticals additives such as Ashwagandha extract. The
facility will be used to implement and assess other (second line)
Agriculture based products developed by GENEVEX PHARMA PVT.

Genevex Pharma

Our Moto and Commitment

GENEVEX PHARMA PVT.LTD has proposed a facility that is being designated and operated in a modular and flexible manner.

This unique concept, therefore, offers the possibilities of continuously evolving and validating indigenous biochemical/food technologies at present and being developed in the future at different front.

Efforts by large numbers of organizations, technologists have resulted in biotechnology processes for converting agricultural into valuable Ayurveda/Food products at a laboratory scale.

This project is aimed at constructing a translational facility to address the gap between laboratory-scale technologies into commercially viable plants employing the concept of zero waste disposal. The proposed facility is going to reduce the overall carbon footprint by facilitating new technologies for bio-based nutraceuticals from renewable sources. The translational facility will allow the validation of a number of relevant technologies along with an optimal product mix to maximize economic and environmental sustainability. The proposed facility will provide the necessary platform for scaling-up processes and optimizing the product mix and sustainability of developed technologies.


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